Clinic 121

Red Carpet Miracle Facial

This high-tech miracle facial delivers instant and visible results and skin fit for the Red Carpet; a radiant glow and the sculpted firmness of youthful, healthy skin. With super advanced skin-lifting and muscle-energising massage techniques combined with dynamic glycolic resurfacing this facial really delivers.
A collection of non-surgical facials that uniquely use an advanced SKIN INVESTMENT CELL COMMUNICATION machine to visibly lift, firm, tighten and tone the skin (and yes, that would be instantly!).
This is a non-invasive, electronic device that conducts a nine stage process to help build new tissue, lift sagging skin and give dramatic results on many skin concerns including deep wrinkles, pigmentation, dark circles, acne and sun damage. One facial would be great. A course of them would be amazing. Wow! Roll out the red carpet!

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