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Skinade – Better Skin From Within

Comprehensive clinical studies confirm that the collagen peptides in skinade offer exciting new anti-ageing and overall skin health benefits.

The effectiveness of skinade collagen peptides was tested in two clinical studies carried out in France and Japan on 80 women aged 35 to 59. One group of women were given 10g of collagen peptides to take orally while a control group were given a placebo.

Prior to each measurement and skin analysis, the volunteers were placed in a room with controlled temperature and humidity for 20 minutes to ensure consistent and accurate results.

The group who were given the collagen peptides showed a range of skin health improvements compared to the placebo group:

Skinade collagen peptides increase skin hydration levels by 28%.
A corneometer, designed to test hydration levels of the epidermis, was used to measure moisture levels in the skin.
After 8 weeks, 91% of the peptide group showed a significant improvement in skin hydration by up to 28% compared to the placebo group.

Skinade collagen peptides smooth fine lines by 26% and prevent deep wrinkle formation.
Polymer silicone skin prints were taken of each subject’s face at different times of measurement and studied using scientific tools designed to analyse the skin.
After 12 weeks, the number of micro-relief furrows significantly decreased by 26% in the peptide group. In the placebo group, the number of deep wrinkles increased by 30%.

Skinade collagen peptides increase skin suppleness by 19%.
A cutometer was used to measure micro-relief furrows and wrinkles as well as the time skin takes to return to its original state.
After 6 weeks, 77% of the peptide group’s micro-relief furrows decreased by 41% and after 12 weeks, 68% of the group showed a 17% decrease in total wrinkle surface.

Taken orally, the collagen peptides in skinade significantly improve basic skin condition and structure. Taken on a daily basis, they help to increase skin hydration levels; improve skin tone, radiance and structure; and reduce fine lines as well as prevent the formation of deep wrinkles.


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